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The provision of security starts with early detection of an incoming threat. In order to detect, one needs to monitor. Therefore we offer the world’s leading technologies to monitor and detect:


– Open source intelligence and public sensing

– Customized systems for prisons/correctional facilities

– Remote sensing and detection

– Efficient detection of narcotics, explosives and gunshot residues


If a threat is detected through efficient monitoring, one needs to try to deter the threat early on. For this one can use nonlethal technologies:


– Acoustic deterrence and mass notification

– Lasers dazzlers and lights

– Nonlethal responses to civil unrest/riot control


At the same time it is important to be protected against threats such as gun shots or improvised explosive devices:


– Body armour and personal protection, night visions and electro-optics

– Armouring of vehicles, vessels and aircraft

– Jamming of IEDs


We are proud to offer some of the most advanced security solutions worldwide. We are manufacturers of some of our products. The other manufacturers of the products we work with are often based in Switzerland or Western Europe whereas we service and work across the globe. They trust the experience of Secfor to manage projects form initial contact to final payments and after sales services.


We offer a complete and efficient service. Secfor can be your one stop solution for every aspect of security and defence technology.