Secfor is an international firm based in Switzerland that operates in the global field of security and defence technology.


Secfor was set up with the firm belief to promote the emerging field of nonlethal technologies. While law and order need to be as secure as ever before, the challenge today is to stop threats in an efficient and effective way without the use of lethal force. Secfor established itself as a leading specialist firm. We cover the whole lifecycle from monitoring and detecting threats to deterrence and protection.


Secfor’s founders have several years of experience in defence and security technology, business intelligence and marketing. Secfor has managed various projects worldwide in the field of intelligence, security and defence. Our new technologies have assisted clients with improving their surveillance and control of correctional facilities (prisons) and civil unrest (riots). Over the last years, we have built a solid network of manufacturers and end users across the globe. We strive for fruitful partnerships because we believe in the success of collaboration.


We represent a number of manufacturers of premium technology and products in addition to our own manufacturing business. Our aim is to assist these manufacturers to expand their markets. On the other hand, we assist end users to find the right solutions for their requirements.